Zenith Bank (UK) Limited

Treasury-related services for our corporate, institutional and sovereign customers

Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd has established an attractive niche in local Nigerian markets and Sub-Saharan Africa Eurobonds.

Capital Markets
Our Nigerian background — coupled with the bank’s network of West African offices — provides customers with tangible market insights and a better understanding of the opportunties which exist within the African continent.

Sub-Saharan Africa Sovereign and Corporate Eurobonds
Through our treasury team, you can establish a relationship with a bona fide local counterparty and benefit from an optimal mix of local expertise and best international banking practice. Our trading desk can help you strengthen your Sub-Saharan Africa investment profile and provide pricing and/or trading colour on a continuous basis.

Local Securities
Enjoy improved liquidity and a deeper understanding of the local Nigerian market when investing in Republic of Nigeria Treasury Bills and/or Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Bonds in Naira. Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd is in a unique position to offer direct and straightforward execution in local securities to our offshore customers.

With our strong local and international network among hedge funds, banks, pensions funds and institutional investors, our sales team is always ready to help you meet your investment objectives.

Mark Parlour
Head of Markets
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Mike Cain
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Nick Freitag
Foreign Exchange 
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Robert Hagenaars
Fixed Income Trading
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