Zenith Bank (UK) Limited


Board Committee and Sub Committees
Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd's Board of Directors determines the bank's strategies, policies and procedures to ensure that all products and investment transactions conducted within and by the bank comply fully with the regulations and principles of the FCA.

The Board has delegated certain of these responsibilities to a number of Sub-Committees which meet regularly to review and enforce the Policies and Procedures including:

  • Audit & Compliance Committee
  • Board Risk Committee
  • Remuneration & Appointments Committee

Management Committees
Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd's Management Team is responsible for implementing the bank’s business plan and achieving the strategic goals set by the Board of Directors. A number of management committees have been established to guide and control the operations of the bank — these committees include:

  • Asset and Liability Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • IT Steering Committee
  • Management Credit Committee
  • Market Risk Committee
  • Marketing Committee  
  • New Products Committee
  • Security Committee