Zenith Bank (UK) Limited

We can help you choose investments and decide what you want out of them

Your adviser will assess your situation and build an investment program that meets your unique needs

Our arrangements with a panel of investment partners and custodian banks, allow our customers to have exposure to the jurisdictions of their choice and in most assets classes including equities, fixed-income securities and commodities.

If you prefer to invest in collective funds such as unit trusts and OEICs, then the Discretionary and/or Advisory Services may be appropriate for you. The Execution-only service allows to you invest directly in the asset classes and individual securities of your choosing.

Advisory Service
In common with the Discretionary Service, the Advisory Service offers you a choice of four ready-made portfolios. The difference being that you will be consulted before any changes are made to your investments — i.e., no holdings will be bought or sold without your consent.

Execution only
This option enables you to buy and sell securities without receiving advice from us. We can provide you with real-time prices, expert trading ideas and sources of research.

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