Zenith Bank (UK) Limited

Wealth management services for high net worth individuals

Access to a broad range of investments, on demand valuations, international custodial facilities and comprehensive tax reporting.

The world’s regulated investment markets offer many opportunities: accessing those opportunities is however, far from easy.

Distance, contacts, market knowledge, cultural differences — and issues relating to trust — are all hurdles to be cleared. By utilising Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd’s Wealth Management service, those and many other wealth management and diversification problems, are solved.

Every Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd wealth management customer is assigned their own adviser; an expert who has a thorough understanding of your financial circumstances, ambitions and needs.

Your adviser will combine that knowledge with his or her financial planning skills to provide informed and confidential advice on regulated investments, investment mortgages and currency dealings. Through our partner firms, advice can also be provided on philanthropy arrangements, retirement planning and trust planning options.

The service can be supervised by your relationship manager in Africa, your appointed trustees elsewhere in the world, or through your dedicated banker at Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd.

If you have existing advisers, we work with them to oversee and coordinate activities, expedite instructions and become the portal through which your investment interests are managed and your family’s on-going financial needs are met.

Chidi Ogbata
Head of Wealth Management
+44 (0)20 7648 4299

Noelia Pinto
Relationship Manager
+44 (0) 20 7648 4291

Rana Al-Haboubi
Relationship Manager
+44 (0) 20 7105 3931